Premium Lens Implants

iolDuring cataract surgery, artificial lenses are implanted in the eye to replace the cloudy natural lenses. These artificial lenses, known as intraocular lenses (IOLs), were once only able to correct distance vision, leaving patients dependent on eyeglasses or contact lenses for near vision.

New advances in technology have allowed for the development of multifocal IOLs which let patients see clearly both at near and far.  Multifocal lens implants are ideal for cataract patients who are opposed to wearing eyeglasses.   Another major advance is the development of Toric IOL’s for the correction of Astigmatism.

 ReSTOR 3.0

In December 2008, the latest IOL by AcrySof was approved for use in the US. The ReSTOR 3.0 lens allows cataract replacement with +3.0 diopters add power at near, intermediate and distance vision. Acrysof lenses have been the number one choice for cataract patients with presbyopia since they were introduced in 2005. This lens allows patients to enjoy improved comfort and vision for reading, computer work and distance vision with the same safety and reliability as previous AcrySof lenses.

With the ReSTOR 3.0 lens, most patients are satisfied with their vision after surgery, and morewere able to enjoy 20/20 vision at all three distances than with the previous ReSTOR +4.0 D lens. Clinical results included a three-month follow-up exam showing that many patients would choose to have this lens implanted again.

Alcon Toric IOL

Toric IOLs are used in cataract surgery for patients with significant amounts of astigmatism. Astigmatism is the scientific term used to denote an oval curvature to the surface of the eye.  This causes images to be out of focus. In addition to replacing the cloudy lens affected by cataracts, Toric IOLs correct astigmatism as well as nearsightedness or farsightedness. This lens also features an advanced aspheric platform that improves image quality and increases contrast sensitivity.

Although Toric IOLs are not accommodating and may still require eyeglasses or contacts to be worn, they offer many advantages to patients with astigmatism. Most patients report a high level of satisfaction with the Toric IOL, as it is the only lens to effectively treat astigmatism in cataract patients.


There are several different types of premium lens implants available for cataract patients. Your doctor will work with you to decide which lens is best for your individual eyes to help you enjoy long-lasting, clear vision at near, intermediate and far distances. To speak with one of our doctors and discuss your options for cataract replacement lenses, please call us today to schedule a consultation.

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